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What’s Auralis?

2 minute video

What’s The Offer?

1. Completely Done for you Setup:

  • We will fully train Auralis on your help content, web sites and past helpdesk tickets.
  • Once trained we will setup, configure and integrate your new AI copilot with your website, product and support systems

2. Continuous Monitoring & Improvement:

  • Our team will continuously monitor AI responses and apply reinforcement learning for constant improvement.
  • Auralis stays up-to-date with your content ensuring top-notch support quality.

Why Auralis?

  • Delight your customers with prompt, accurate, and helpful support.
  • Slash your support expenses up to 50%, instantly.
  • Customer inquiries are handled automatically round the clock.
  • Consistent, high quality responses in multiple languages
  • Works with all the tools you currently use, out of the box
  • Handle seasonal spikes without needing to scale your support teams
  • Allow AI to become your unfair competitive advantage

What's the catch?

  • Be willing to help us shape the future of Auralis in your industry.
  • Provide us feedback and suggestions to improve Auralis.
  • Give us a positive rating or review we can use publicly if you are happy.

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“Before integrating Auralis AI, we were constantly juggling agents and time zones to ensure 24/7 support.
Now, not only do our customers get instant help any time of day, but the consistency and accuracy of responses have been unparalleled. It’s like having an elite support team that’s always on and never tires!”

Henry Porter Managing Director

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