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The Auralis Story

“This sucks less, but is still not good enough”

These are the exact words of a client after we tried out almost 23 generic AI chatbots to handle simple and repeated customer interactions. Most generic AI chatbots that we tried out there simply don’t cut it, the quality is very poor, in many cases the responses are junk and the bots are not trainable. They are fine for free or hobby products where a few bad answers don’t matter but not suitable for businesses like our own, with a reputation to protect.

The foundations of how LLMs work showed us that for a product to be successful we needed the following components

Our AI agents can’t be created in 5 minutes, they take time and effort. Once done however, the results are demonstrably better than using anything out there in the market. We’ve actually tested this against solutions that cost 10x more. We even encourage our customers to try other solutions alongside to see the Auralis difference.

Auralis’ pricing ensures you only pay for successful conversations NOT for cases where a human agent was needed or where the response was simply not good enough. We also understand that most businesses don’t have the time to set up, train, test and monitor the AI agent. That’s when we came up with our unique done for you AI transformation service where we take care of everything and you can enjoy the results.

Let's put AI to work for your company today !



Advanced AI Chatbots

Intelligent bots for messaging and email that leverage the most extensive database of customer intents.

Intelligent Triage

Automatically classifies and categorizes incoming customer conversations based on their intent, sentiment, and language.

Content Cues

Friendly nudges for improving your knowledge bases and product. Auralis scans every conversation and provides insights for your leadership teams.

Macro Suggestions

AI-suggested shared responses admins can create to help agents respond faster and more consistently.

Dalta Rapid

Your team’s life is made a lot easier by shielding them from repetitive requests, helping them solve customer issues quickly, more effectively and with less effort.

Agents feel less overwhelmed and are freed up to tackle more complex, meaningful work — with a direct impact on job satisfaction and retention.

Dalta Rapid

AI elevates your customer’s overall experience. People want fast, effective support on every channel, from bots and agents alike. Feeling heard and seen has a direct impact on how customers perceive your brand – and whether or not they come back.

Learn more about Auralis for Zendesk, anyone can use AI to scale and simplify support. Deploy quickly to start solving issues right away, surface relevant data for your support team, reduce repetitive work, and start building better bots.

Key Benefits

Setting up and integrating Auralis takes a few minutes, these benefits last forever

Agent Handoff

Connect directly to a sales agent for follow ups

Multi lingual

Answer in any language your customer needs help in

24/7 support

Have your sales team available round the clock, even on weekends

Increased conversions

Better, faster responses create more customers

Decreased handle time

Reduce wait times while Increasing leads captured

Correct seamlessly and instantly

Train your AI assistant on the fly and improve accuracy over time

Convert queries to insights

Summarize all queries into actionable insights instantly

Amplify agent performance

Offer next-best actions and real-time recommendations

Unfair scaling advantage

Scale your business without scaling your sales team

Compare Features

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Self Train AI

Custom Data Sources

(Website, Videos, Past Tickets ++)

Multi-language Capabilities

CRM Integrations

Insights from your CX data


Reinforcement Training

Prompt Templating

Customization & Flexibility

Data Security & Compliance



Seamless integration

Higly fine tuned modes






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Not secure

Freshdesk AI





“Transitioning to Auralis AI was a game-changer. We used to fret about training new hires and managing peak times.

Now, Auralis handles high demand with ease, ensuring each customer feels heard and helped. It’s as if we’ve supercharged our sales without the overheads of a massive team!”




Transparent and value-driven pricing options for your support needs




per successfully resolved ticket

+ One time setup and training fee

Designed for small and medium-sized companies that require features like basic sales and CRM integration.





per successfully resolved ticket

+ One time setup and training fee

Tailored for larger businesses with extensive features and top-tier customization options

Tailored for enterprises, this plan offers extensive features and top-tier customization and an option for on-premise deployment.



Looking for details to help you decide?
Here’s why Auralis help you start saving today!

Which AI models does Zuro use?

Auralis is uses multiple AI models in the background and chooses the best one depending on your request. We have custom agents for text generation, image generation, data visualization etc. We are constantly fine tuning models and tweaking them with reinforcement learning. This is how Auralis gets better over time and the more you use it.

Why not just use ChatGPT?

Auralis can do everything that ChatGPT (by OpenAI) can do and a lot more. It internally routes requests to OpenAI when it feels the output will be the best there. It also can send requests to other AI engines and software like MidJourney, Charts, WolframAlpha etc. At the minimum you get the latest ChatGPT for a fraction of the price for your whole team with Auralis.

How is this different than ChatGPT?

Auralis has all the features of ChatGPT along with capabilities to access the internet, execute code and use other apps, access multiple finetuned AI models and access tools you already use everyday. Think of it as ChatGPT + AutoGPT + Powerful Custom Agents.

Can you add my own data source to Zuro?

Yes – we write both custom connectors as well as integrations to other apps and tools you use everyday. Please feel free to reach out to us on this form here. Click here

I want an additional feature or tool on Zuro

We’d love to hear more ! Please feel free to reach out to us on this form click here. We listen to our users attentively to make sure we’re adding features that will be gamechanging for your team’s workflows.